+30 When To Plant Creeping Thyme Uk Ideas

+30 When To Plant Creeping Thyme Uk Ideas. You can even use it to create an aromatic thyme lawn. Enjoy your creeping thyme’s plant cover.

Creeping Thyme, Thymus praecox Coccineus with Lavender Ground cover
Creeping Thyme, Thymus praecox Coccineus with Lavender Ground cover from www.pinterest.com

Harvest sparingly in the first year. Pink shades, red shades foliage color: Prune creeping thyme ground cover in the spring to maintain a compact appearance and again after the small, white flowers are spent if.

The First Thing You Need To Do Is Prepare The Area Where You’re Going To Plant The Creeping Thyme.

According to gardeners’ world, you can plant creeping thyme at two points in the year, between march and may, or september through to november. Ensure weed growth is kept under control until the lawn is well established. Creeping thyme grows best in usda hardiness zones four through nine.;

Cover With A Light Layer Of Sieved Compost And Water Gently.

Where it receives good sun, but can also tolerate. Creeping thyme does best in soil that is either neutral or slightly alkaline.; Be mindful to keep the soil consistently moist without drowning the cutting.

Some Varieties Of Thyme Work Well Planted In Gravel Gardens, Cracks In Paving Or As An Alternative To A Lawn.

Your creeping thyme lawn will always appear full because of its natural tendency. Cut back thyme after flowering and protect tender species in winter. It’s a good choice for ground cover in sunny sites, including in gravel and rock gardens.

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Start seeds when growing creeping thyme indoors or they may be sown in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Place in a propagator to germinate. time to plant creeping thyme seeds is in the spring.

Plant The Creeping Thyme Seedlings The Same Depth In The Container As They Were In The Nursery Pot.

Thyme is particularly useful in coastal areas. Creeping thyme is an evergreen subshrub that spreads to form a carpet, giving off a strong aroma when trodden on. You’ll then transplant it into a desired area and care for.

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