Understanding the Benefits of Montessori Schools in Markham

For every parent, education of their child is one of the most essential things that must be carefully considered. You want the best possible life for your child, and one of the ways to achieve this is choosing a good school and education system for them. The school you select early on can have a drastic effect on the growth and development of your kid – physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a school or facility for child care in Markham for your child.

There are quite a few teaching methods that are applied in different schools today. The traditional classroom teaching is the most familiar among these, which involves a group of similarly-aged learners being taught in a classroom by one teacher and then assessed through sets of quizzes and tests at regular intervals. While this method of teaching might be satisfactory for many parents, those who are looking to improve their children’s education and make the most of their young, absorbent mind are looking for alternative teaching methods, like the Montessori technique.

In Montessori schools, the teaching technique used is basically an education approach that greatly emphasizes independence as well as respect for the kid’s natural psychological growth. This teaching method is aimed at guiding children into learning by having them do things, instead of just being told what to do, as is the case with traditional classroom teaching.

The Montessori approach requires educators to offer children an environment that is highly favourable for learning and then simply direct them as they search their way into learning. Dr. Maria Montessori, the developer of this learning method, believes that kids have an inborn desire to intermingle with their environment in an intellectual way and with gentle direction this desire to explore as well as learn can be nurtured.

There are a number of benefits associated with Montessori schools, which make them a choice for many parents in need of proper child care in Markham. The first benefit of this teaching approach is that it cultivates confidence in children. Learning is set at the kid’s own pace, so they do not suffer feelings of inadequacy that result from being left behind by their classmates. This confidence inspires a greater interest in learning, therefore allowing the kid to reach their fullest potential.

Besides becoming more confident, the approach taken by Montessori schools encourages independence in kids. Children taught using this method can explore their environment freely and learn from their own experiences, and more significantly, they can learn from their own mistakes. Nurturing independence and recognition of their own mistakes helps kids to develop some sense of responsibility, an essential quality in dealing with adult issues.

Finally, Montessori schools build a sense of community among kids and encourage them to assist their peers. Unlike in traditional schools where similarly-aged children are placed in the same grade, the Montessori approach places kids within a 3-year age span in the same class. The older children learn to assist the younger ones while the younger kids are taught how to be more mature by their older peers.


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