Hotel Housekeeping Skills

Hotels would think it is impossible to operate with no housekeeping staff. Most housekeepers operate in specific regions of housekeeping, including within the laundry room, ironing and washing towels and sheets, and cleaning rooms or any other hotel areas. Hotel housekeeping abilities encompass an array of abilities from draining trash, cleaning home windows and mattress making. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of 15.8% in housekeeping jobs by 2016. Most housekeepers are paid minimum wage, while some supervisors earn a slightly higher salary.


Cleaning Methods

1. Hotels train housekeepers in specific cleaning techniques. Most require beds to made to particular standard or lavatories to become washed using specified cleaning items. Housekeepers that actually work within the laundry are needed to iron and fold linen to specific specifications too.

Cleaning Tools

2. Housekeepers are needed to make use of certain tools while cleaning a guest room. Tools vary from vacuums to dust rags and mops. Housekeepers must make certain they stock their cleaning buggies with sufficient supplies so they don’t spend your time locating products in the housekeeping department.


3. Room setting is important when planning an area for hotel visitors. Your accommodation guest must feel at ease on entering an area, and lots of hotels add special touches, for example luxury bath items, room design or bedding, that set them aside from other hotels. Housekeepers must arrange these special touches to specifications needed through the hotel. Other responsibilities can include folding and hanging towels within an appealing design, organizing a wet bar or turning lower the mattress and adding chocolate.

Job Injury

4. Housekeeping is really a challenging job that may result in job injuries. Housekeepers are vulnerable to back strain and elevated leg and ft injuries. Many hotel chains require housekeepers to put on back braces, lowering the risk of back strain from lifting or bending. Proper footwear are very important, and circulation hose assist in relieving stress towards the legs.

Laundry Skills

5. Housekeepers launder and iron 100s of sheets, towel and clean towels daily. Many also launder personal products for visitors and can’t ruin guest clothing. Responsibilities include washing, folding, ironing and dry cleaning.

Communication Skills

6. Housekeepers encounter hotel guest regularly. They’re needed to have the ability to communicate well and anticipate guest needs. They have to help with demands for further products for example extra towels or personal products. Housekeepers need to ensure a guest room is neat and comfortable. Furthermore, housekeepers are needed to solve any complaints that the guest might have having a room that doesn’t satisfy the guest standards


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