Facebook referral traffic plummets. Ought lawyers worry?

Though referral traffic from Facebook to 3rd party sites is also plummeting, lawyers using Facebook might have very little to fret regarding.

As reported  over the weekend by Lucia Moses of Digiday, referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the highest thirty Facebook publishers plunged thirty two percent from january to October.

The bigger the publisher, the heavier the hit.


The Huffington Post’s Facebook traffic fell 60.1 percent, to 16 million. Fox News’ dropped 48.2 percent to 4.3 million. BuzzFeed’s Facebook visits fell 40.8 percent to 23.7 million.

Why the decline?

The most common theory is that as Facebook has been making an attempt to stay users in its system, it’s inspired publishers to transfer their articles and videos on to the social network, whether it’s video or its Instant Articles feature that began rolling get in could. which means fewer ancient links in news feeds that take folks back to publisher sites.

Publishers need traffic numbers to generate advertising revenue. Not the case with lawyers and law firms.

The call Facebook referral traffic is also dangerous news for those legal marketers and lawyers who inspect Facebook as simply differently to garner traffic to their blogs and websites. They’re probing for users to click on links to their content and attend their blogs and sites to browse the content.

On the opposite hand, for those lawyers who get their work by virtue of word of mouth reputations and relationships, a come by referral traffic from Facebook means that very little, if something. Content is that the currency of engagement for these lawyers, no matter wherever the content is viewed.

Such lawyers use Facebook as a vehicle to make their name and build relationships. Facebook represents a chance to network with their audience of clients, perspective clients, referral sources and also the influencers of those 3. higher to be out networking than to passively watch folks browse your content on your website.

These lawyers recognize that Facebook users will browse excepts of their content or a whole article on Facebook. deed Facebook to browse content is neither required nor desirable for associate degree best user expertise.

These lawyers also grasp through likes, comments and shares, content announce to Facebook, whether or not their own or a 3rd party’s, results in interact with users. It’s this engagement that builds word of mouth and relationships.

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